Friday, March 7, 2008

Wipefire Ramparts

The Elder set out last night for a quick jaunt through Hellfire Ramparts - by all reports a jolly ramble through some piddling orcs before facing a couple of vaguely troubling bosses.

How wrong we were.

Not having played as a group since dominating ST, you could see the rust peeling off as we begun. Stroeb in particular had a lot of trouble, going down several times through negligent health watching and shocking sap attempts. Being 59 in a bunch of 63's appeared to be a problem, and the Rampart residents sensed her coming a mile away.

Nevertheless we soon established a pretty good rhythm, and advanced through the foes without too much difficulty. Having said that, we did wipe on what should have been a nothing mob, and again when we pulled a few too many dogs. But that was all part of reestablishing our combo. And as was wisely observed, we were only wiping on mobs - the bosses so far hadn't caused us any problems, due to excellent preparation and research by Fugg & Blackheathen.

Famous last words.

We reached the second last boss, which sounded challenging but achievable. Swooping the skies above us were Nazan and his rider Vazruden, our targets. We first had to simultaneously take down their centuries, who with their dying gasps summoned y to the ground to face us. As he alighted, Nazan started dropping firebombs on us, which meant we had to keep moving to stop from being burned. Things progressed well - Vazruden's health dropped rapidly under our sustained DPS, while Neit kept Blackie up.

When Vaz realised his time had come, he summoned his steed to finish the fight. And here was where it all went haywire. Nazan has an incredible breath weapon, the Cone of Fire, which annhiliates all in it's path - 1500 damage in a single hit. He also had a disturbing and unwavering interest in our healer as soon as he landed. So we fought - hard, and long. It went relatively well - relative to all our following attempts that is. We wiped, but we did get him down to less than half health.

Midnight's first Nemesis

So we returned with confidence - quicker take down of Vazruden, faster attention from our main tank Blackie on Nazan, Neit focussing on Blackie alone, and Fugg, Stroeb and Pax DPSing like mad. Should work, right?

Stroeb got caught in the cone immediately, distracting Neit, causing Blackie to fall, followed in rapid succession by everyone else.

Back we went. This time Nazan's got to Neit's before any of us could land a blow, and again down we went.

Return, rinse, repeat. Many times.

Eventually we decided to give ourselves a break and finish off Omor, the other boss. Piece of pie. Hardly any comment - everyone's mind was on the fight to come.



We had one fight where Neit did a heroic job keeping Fugg up when the rest of us had gone down. As we watched, Nazan's health fell and fell whilst Neit and Fugg fought and fought. He was approaching 15% when Neit was caught in the Cone. Fugg fought the beast all the way down to 3%...


Regroup, repair armour, spend 40g on Greater Fire Protection Potions, buffs up, cooldowns up.



One last try. It's approaching 1AM. We can do this.


Aaaaaaarrrggghhh! Exhausted, demoralised, damaged, we retreated to Hellfire Peninsula to lick our wounds. It was over...for now. This was an affront to Midnight's Children, to the Horde, to our very survival.

Heed the words of Paxmortis, Guild Leader:

"Let us take them.
Let us use them,
Let us add to them with ice and steel.
Let this creature feel the Wrath of blackest Midnight born,
Let it taste its final breath and mar this land no longer.
Let us fat the region's kites with the beast's offal.

Midnight Children do not believe in rank or status. As such their guild leader has never issued an order. But I do now.

This Dragon must die. All the forces of this Mighty Guild will be bent to this end. No sacrifice is too much, no labour too strenuous. One Horde. One Guild. One Victory. "

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